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For World Citizens

Did you know there are people around the world who are solving the global issues in fashion, the 2nd most polluting industry in the world? Connect One Threads collaborates with international artists, conscious designers, ethical producers, and organic farmers to create clothing with a global impact. Connect with us and join the fashion evolution!

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For Artists

Do you believe art has the power to change the world? We do. That’s why we’ve collaborated with international artists to create artwork with the idea “Connect One”. Our canvas: 100% Turkish organic cotton, fair-trade, traceable T-shirts. Express yourself, earn money from your designs, and spread your good vibes to a global audience.

Make art that impacts the World.

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For Brands & Designers

You want your designs to have a positive impact, but where do you start? Connect One Threads works only with certified suppliers who are environmentally and socially responsible from farm to factory. We connect you to ethical producers, help you appeal to the conscious market, while helping you reach your production goals through our innovative model.

Design for a better future.

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For Collaborators

Are you an organization striving for the greater good?  If so, let’s join forces! COT is all about connecting, collaborating, and creating for a positive impact in this world.  We’re interested in social ventures, music festivals, street art projects, NGO’s, international institutions, and other change-makers who want to make a collective impact.

Collaborate for change.

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