Make Art that Impacts the World

Your canvas: Our 100% organic cotton T-shirts

Not only are COT T-shirts sustainable, ethical, and traceable; they carry artwork from international artists who spread positivity through creativity.

The "Connect One" Culture
We’re all connected, and we’re all one. We’re also all unique. We ask artists what Connect One means to them, and with full artistic freedom they show us their perspective.

How it Works

Co-create apparel with COT as a world citizen.

Create a Design

It can be a drawing, a painting, or digital artwork as long as you represent what “Connect One” means to you. We use eco-friendly digital printing, which can beautifully visualize detailed images on our apparel so the quality stays intact.

Earn Some Cash

For every shirt that sells with your design on it, we share the revenue with you. There’s no limit to how much you can sell, and your artwork will soon be on other COT apparel including hoodies and sweaters. We’ll promote you too!

Make an Impact

We’re all about connecting people, and we want to connect you to people around the world who can appreciate your creativity. Your artwork will reach COT’s global audience. What message do you want to send to the world!?

Our Apparel
  • Fabric dyes and inks are water-based and non-toxic
  • Traceable production from cotton to clothing
  • Efficient water-usage in farm and factories
  • GOTS certified and completely transparent
  • Made of non-GMO organic cotton
  • Fair living wages for workers
  • No slave or child labor

Our Artists

Zelazo Lab


Istanbul, Turkey

Jevon Chin


Indianapolis, USA

Gabrielle Germano


Lisbon, Portugal

Martin Nore


Copenhagen, Denmark

Andrea Garcia


Barcelona, Spain

Jason Brueck


Nashville, USA

Samuel Pedrosa


Lisbon, Portugal

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