We are all connected. We are all one.

We collaborate with change-makers to create the best clothing for the world.

From international artists to conscious designers, organic farmers to ethical producers, we connect with world citizens to create sustainable fashion.

Know the Global Impact of Fashion. Your clothes are tied to more than you think.

The best for the world.

Most clothes are linked to complex global problems.

Our clothes are part of the solution.




COT clothing is good for nature. We use eco-friendly fibers such as organic cotton and non-toxic dyes and inks, while water is used responsibly at the factories and farms we source from.



Simurg Tasarim - GOTS producers

We work with GOTS-certified producers and organic farmers. That means fair pay, protected workers, safe working conditions, and supporting those who are role models for the industry.




The GOTS label on our clothing comes with a ID number you can search in a public database. The entire process of fiber to yarn to fabric to finish product is GOTS-certified and documented.

Our Collective Impact

Our (Ad)venture

It all started with a journey.  The first journey brought us across Europe and Turkey. We spoke to the NGO’s, clothing brands, retailers, producers, and farmers who were starting the sustainable fashion movement.


They all faced a common challenge: in a world of fast fashion and overconsumption, many people aren’t aware how their clothes are tied to the global issues in the world, and even fewer know how to support sustainable fashion.

Yet, there is a solution.

Imagine this:  Our clothing can contribute to farmers well-being, who in turn take care of our earth. Our clothing can be made of eco-friendly materials, while being produced by ethical fair-trade producers.  Our clothing can connect us to international artists and designers, and remind us that we are citizens of the world.


This is the seed of our idea. To show the world in a different way and remind us that we’re all connected by bringing people together around the world and making a collective impact through our threads.


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