We are all connected. We are all one.

We collaborate with the conscious and creative to make clothing that’s good for the world.

From international artists to conscious designers, organic farmers to ethical producers, we connect with world citizens to create sustainable fashion.

Know the Global Impact of Fashion. Your clothes are tied to more than you think.

Good for the world.

Most clothes are linked to complex global problems.

Our clothes are part of the solution.



  • Eco-friendly fibers such as organic cotton
  • Water-based inks and non-toxic dyes
  • Better water usage at the factory/farm



  • Fair-trade farmers with no child labor
  • Socially Responsible GOTS facilities
  • Traceable supply from factory to farm



  • International collaborations
  • Raising global awareness
  • Impacting the world through threads
Our Collective Impact

Our (Ad)venture

It all started with a journey.  The first journey brought us across Europe and Turkey. We spoke to the NGO’s, clothing brands, retailers, producers, and farmers who were starting the sustainable fashion movement.


They all faced a common challenge: Even though there are farmers who grow-organically, producers who take care of their workers, and designers who care about the planet, not enough people are aware of sustainable fashion.

Yet, there is a solution.

Through conscious creativity and international collaborations, we’re not just making sustainable clothing, we’re raising awareness throughout the global community to show what kind of change is possible.


We make sustainable fashion our culture, by bringing people together around the world and making a collective impact through our threads.


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