Collaborate for Change

COT + Your Organization = Impact

The world is becoming increasingly interconnected, and we want to connect with the forces who are doing it for the greater good.

People. Planet. Projects.
We believe in the power of collective, and the amazing things that happen when we come together and turn our ideas into reality.

Collaboration for Innovation

We do it for the culture

COT for Art



Go to any city and chances are that the place where street art lives is also where community thrives. We’re looking to collaborate with art organizations that want to reach and impact the community.

COT for Music



We’re all about positive vibrations. If you’ve been to a music festival before you know that music connects us. That’s why we collaborate with festivals and musicians to spread good vibes.

COT for Impact



We live in exciting times. Through our travels we’ve met some amazing social entrepreneurs and innovative organizations who are doing good for the world, and we leverage our resources to help them.

How We Collaborate

The entrepreneurs that wear many hats – that’s us.


Co-creating Apparel

Whether fundraising, raising awareness,or promoting an event, we can spread your message on our ethical and sustainable apparel.

Art and Design

We work with artists and creatives from around the world, so we can support your project with beautiful artwork and visuals.

International Outreach

COT was started by digital nomads who travel the world with social media savvy. We’re always happy to share our advice and skills.

We also specialize in “Making It Happen”

We’re open to any creative ideas. After all, COT started as one.


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Who We Collaborate With

We join forces with those doing it for the greater good.



Arte Viral


Artists for
Peace and Freedom


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