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The trends you set go beyond fashion.

The more brands and designers that come together for sustainable fashion, the greater our impact will be.  COT helps designers with sustainable sourcing by connecting you with a traceable supply chain, promoting your designs globally, and even helping you sell your apparel at our online shop and partner retailers.

Our Collective Impact

Know Your Source.

48% of brands don’t trace their factories.

75% don’t trace their fabrics.

91% don’t trace their raw materials.

GOTS Certification gives 100% traceability.


The Global Organic Textile Standard is the gold standard of the clothing industry. Created by leading international organizations from the USA, UK, Germany, and Japan, the GOTS Label certifies all companies in the clothing production process to be environmentally and socially responsible. Because each company is certified, you know exactly who made your clothes, your fabric, your yarn, and even your organic cotton.

More on how GOTS can benefit you (PDF) >

Know Your Impact.

Support the world citizens of sustainable fashion



Support organic farmers who produce some of the best quality cotton in the world. No GMO’s, no synthetic pesticides, smarter water use, and promoting biodiversity. Help them support a better Earth.



Produce apparel with GOTS certified producers. This way the entire supply chain from fibers to fabrics to finished products are made ethically. The solution is here, and it all starts with you.



Today’s generation cares. They are world citizens who care about who made their clothes, and what effect it has on the planet. Just look at TOM’S Shoes and Warby Parker, and you’ll see this is not just a trend.

Our Apparel
  • Fabric dyes and inks are water-based and non-toxic
  • Traceable production from cotton to clothing
  • Efficient water-usage in farm and factories
  • GOTS certified and completely transparent
  • Made of non-GMO organic cotton
  • Fair living wages for workers
  • No slave or child labor

CO-Create with Connect One Threads

For us collaborating with those with a conscious mindset is key

More than a label


Let people know that you support organic farmers, ethical producers, and a transparent supply chain. Then prove it by letting people see who produced the clothes when you share the traceable GOTS ID #.

Show them you’re collaborating with COT for collective impact.

How Our Sustainable Production Works

Produce clothing that’s good for the world and reach a global audience.


CO-Design Consciously

High-quality organic cotton and non-toxic inks are just some of our main design features. Send us any samples, similar apparel, style sheets, size charts, or ideas you have and we’ll help you turn it into sustainable fashion. Our GOTS producers can make almost any type of cotton-based apparel. We can also explore other eco-fabrics such as hemp or recycled polyester.

CO-Produce Ethically

We only produce when we’ve reached the best quality. After approval of sizing and final samples, your clothing will be created by GOTS-certified producers. That means your apparel goes through a traceable, ethical, and sustainable supply chain. Final production includes labels and tags. We also have low MOQ’s, ~250 per style/color.

CO-Promote Globally

Connect One is a growing international network, and we want the world to know who the change-makers are in the industry. Moreover, we do promotion in COT style- with heart, authenticity, and creativity. We offer our expertise in online marketing, PR, e-commerce, creative media while connecting you to our fashion partners to expand your reach in the world.



Like your designs, every one we work with is unique.

That’s why we work with you one-on-one to help your reach your goals.

child labor, synthetic pesticides, GMO’s, sweatshops

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One brand can change the world, but more is better.

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