INFOGRAPHIC: The Global Impact of Fashion

If ‘Food Inc.’ was the documentary that has helped push the sustainable food movement, then we hope ‘The True Cost’ will be the social trigger to help the sustainable fashion movement reach a tipping point.

The documentary exposes the grim realities behind the fashion industry and our shopping habits, from the deaths of over 1,000 garment workers from a 2013 factory collapse in Bangladesh, to the fact that fashion is the 2nd most polluting industry in the world.


The film was as shocking as it was eye-opening, and it added to what we’ve known since 2011 when we started Connect One Threads:

We need to change the fashion industry. 

Our clothing has a global impact.  If we continue to support unsustainable practices from unethical brands, we will continue to see the problems prevalent in the industry. Nevertheless, there are solutions today that can help make a positive global impact in the clothing industry, especially by supporting organic cotton and the Global Organic Textile Standard which ensures clothing is ethical, sustainable, and traceable.

We’ve been inspired by the ‘The True Cost’ and other campaigns to create an infographic that highlights not only the global issues in fashion but the possible global solutions as well.  We encourage people to think as world citizens and join other sustainable brands such as People Tree to help progress the sustainable fashion movement.  After collaborating with artists around the world to produce organic cotton apparel, we’re doing our part to support clothing with a positive global impact.

Will you?

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