We Connect for Impact

The solution for the complex fashion industry is connection

Sweatshops in China, farmer suicides in India, and the disappearance of the Aral Sea all happen when we’re disconnected from our clothing.  That’s why we connect with the changemakers of sustainable fashion:


To make a collective impact.

Know the Global Impact of Fashion. Your clothes are tied to more than you think.

The Bigger Picture

We come together as citizens of the world

From conscious artists and designers to ethical producers and organic farmers, we’re all doing our part to take care of people and the planet.

Environmental Impact

Respect for nature from seed to stitch



The problem: Water irrigation for cotton has led to the disappearance of the Aral Sea, while some factories dump wastewater to local rivers.


THE SOLUTION: Organic farmers use more efficient methods such as drip irrigation, and GOTS producers manage wastewater responsibly.



The problem: Pesticides and chemicals used for cotton destroy the quality of the soil, taking away all the nutrients for future growth.


THE SOLUTION: Organic means no synthetic chemicals using natural remedies, while crops are rotated each season to renew the soil.



The problem: GMO seeds have been attributed to herbicide-resistant super-pests, contaminating seed supplies, and farmer suicides.


THE SOLUTION: Organic farming bans GMO’s as traditional seeds proven to grow well in the local regions are preferred.


Learn more about the impact of organic cotton (infographic) >

Social Impact

No sweatshops, child labor, or exploitation

Fair Trade


The problem: Long hours, child labor, and inadequate pay are prevalent in todays sweatshops and farms around the world.


THE SOLUTION: GOTS certification applies the fair trade principles to the entire supply chain. Organic farmers are also paid a premium.

Safe Conditions


The problem: Over 1,000 workers in Bangladesh died because the Rana Plaza garment factory was built without concern for safety.


THE SOLUTION: GOTS ensures safe and hygienic workplaces that don’t expose workers to toxics while responsibly managing waste.



The problem: Lack of transparency is what allows sweatshops and child labor to continue while leaving companies unaccountable.


THE SOLUTION: Traceability made possible by GOTS means full transparency of who is making our clothing from farm to factory.


Economic Impact

Support those who don’t do it for business as usual

Organic Farmers


The problem: Industrial farming has led to overuse of chemicals, water GMO’s, and monocultures which are not healthy for the environment.


The solution: Organic farmers find ways to work in balance with nature by promoting biodiversity, water efficiency, and long-term practices.  

Ethical Producers

The problem: Producers who focus only on profit often mistreat and exploit their workers, which is all too common in fashion.


The solution: We work with GOTS producers who take the extra step in being sustainable, transparent, and leading the fashion revolution.

Conscious Designers

Ken Panda

The problem: Sweatshops continue to exist when brands and designer only care about minimizing their costs without being accountable.


The solution: Our designers become role models who set trends for the future when they produce sustainable and ethical fashion.

child labor, synthetic pesticides, GMO’s, sweatshops

Collaboration For Collective Impact

The future depends on us coming together.


There are people in this world who are changing the status quo. Organic farmers are learning taking better care of the planet. Producers are treating workers with dignity. Artists and designers are sharing their gifts to spread awareness.


We need more of this to happen to change the industry, and we believe that as long as we keep working together, we can make a collective impact, together.