Startup Sets the Standard for Sustainable Fashion

[FOR PRESS RELEASE KIT, DOWNLOAD HERE] Connects with artists, designers, producers, and consumers to make a collective impact on industry How can consumers start supporting clothing that doesn’t have a negative impact on global workers or the environment? Connect One Threads is hoping to solve this challenge through their #CONNECT100 campaign, where they’ve collaborated with international… View Article

THE COT Shop: 5 years in the making

Back in my hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana, I recently found my college diplomas.  They were still sealed in envelopes, unopened since I graduated from my alma mater Indiana University in 2011. So you may wonder, why am I just now seeing my diplomas for the first time 5 years later?  Well, the short answer is… View Article

INFOGRAPHIC: The Global Impact of Fashion

If ‘Food Inc.’ was the documentary that has helped push the sustainable food movement, then we hope ‘The True Cost’ will be the social trigger to help the sustainable fashion movement reach a tipping point. The documentary exposes the grim realities behind the fashion industry and our shopping habits, from the deaths of over 1,000… View Article

Why 2014 was the Year of Inspiration for COT

It’s been a long journey since first starting this blog after graduating and taking a one-way ticket to Spain to embark on this entrepreneurial adventure.  As with any entrepreneurial venture, the challenges are many: lack of funding, not having people with necessary skills, minimal exposure to the public, and sometimes, a world that’s not just… View Article

TEDx Talk: Communicating a Global Consciousness through Clothing

Opening with a spoken word piece criticizing the clothing industry, Jeremy Pingul of the social venture Connect One Threads shows not only how the clothing we buy is tied to global issues around the world, but also how clothing can be utilized to solve the global problems we face today.