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Elder One


Artwork by Samuel Pedrosa
Lisbon, Portugal


GOTS-certified (more info)

Made with 100% organic cotton

Digitally printed with water-based ink


*Unisex sizing, ladies should order one size smaller than usual
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Product Description

The Story: “The Elder One”

“One of the things I retained the most about the Connect One manifesto was the importance of awareness about our own actions and its consequences. For human kind is not an isolated species and our connections to each other may, and usually extend, beyond our perception, knowledge and beliefs. So, with that in mind I began to work on this piece with the idea of drawing some kind of ancient creature that would represent the spirit of nature and its interconnections, a mixture of all sorts of beings, neither completley made of matter nor only light. A wise soul that recognizes the all as singular.”


– Samuel Pedrosa



The Artist: Samuel Pedrosa | Lisbon, Portugal

Born in ’85, still breathing… I’m from Portugal where I still reside, but I want to be a sort of a nomad. I want to travel this world and others. Get to know and learn about other cultures, people, lives, and make them an extension of myself. I hope to be more me by acknowledging others. I believe that’s the best way to ever get a glimpse of our true nature. I draw or do some stuff commonly designated as artistic related since I remember remembering something, so I guess it might not be wrong to presume that I really had no other option than to do the work I do. It’s a necessity for me, to create/discover. I also find that everything is intrinsically beautiful so anything may reveal itself as an inspiration to me, although I admit I feel most at home around the countryside, next to the woods, some desert beach or such… I love peacefulness and to live without time. And colors! I love colors!


Our Supply Chain: Ethical & Sustainable

– Certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

– Made with 100% Turkish organic cotton, no GMO

– Traceable production with GOTS license on tag

– Dyes and ink are non-toxic and water-based

– No slave or child labor

– Fair living wages for workers

– Part of COT’s collective impact

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Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

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