Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”

– Margaret Mead

Be a World Citizen

We truly are connected.

The travels of your clothing could have started in the cotton fields of India, to the fabric factories of China, to the garment producers in Mexico, all the way to your closet. From a broader perspective, our fashion trends affect business norms and climate patterns.  What we choose to wear shapes how we impact the world. By being world citizens, we connect ourselves to those who make our clothes.

Support the Changemakers

Look for the GOTS Label


Organic & Fair Trade

The GOTS label ensures that everyone involved in making your clothing works with socially and environmentally responsible principles.

Conscious Designers

Ken Panda
We work with international designers who care about their impact. From using eco-friendly fabrics to ensuring a long-lasting quality, they are the ones who are shaping the industry with the future of our world in mind.

Ethical Producers

The producers we work with take care of their workers, pay them fairly, and ensure they are in safe working conditions.  Because they are GOTS-certified, the entire chain is also environmentally friendly and traceable from factory to farm.

Organic Farmers

Organic production means producing without synthetic pesticides.  The farmers grow their crops in balance with nature, which means using water smartly, producing other food crops, and using traditional seeds over GMO’s.

The best part of GOTS: It’s 100% traceable.

The GOTS certificate tells us the entire production chain of our apparel.

Want to know who makes our clothing?  Track the GOTS label below!


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Join the Sustainable Fashion Movement

We are not alone. People around the world are evolving the fashion industry.


Greenpeace Detox

Dedicated to toxic-free fashion, the Greenpeace Detox campaign moved people to let fashion brands know that they want hazardous chemicals like PVC’s out of their clothing for a toxic-free future.



Cottoned On

The Cottoned On initiative spreads awareness about the benefits of organic cotton, from giving more control to farmers not companies, saving water, promoting biodiversity, and battling climate change.



Fashion Revolution

After the Rana Plaza disaster which killed over 1,000 Bangladeshi garment workers in 2013, Fashion Revolution started a social media campaign where people ask brands #whomademyclothes.

Our Collective Impact

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